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Sometimes I think about how things would have been if I were with you.

I never really realized how much we have in common, or how much we could’ve grown.

Unfortunately, you and I are unrealistic because you’re there and I’m here.

And theres not close enough.

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I’m so tired of feeling sad.

Feeling upset.

Feeling annoyed.

Feeling insecure.

Feeling unsure.

Feeling happy.

Feeling jealousy.

Feeling euphoria.


I just don’t want to feel at all. I’m tired of feeling.


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I know you said you’ll miss me
But I know that you won’t
Because time is lie a wave, that washes the pain away
When you come down

I know I said I’ll see you
When it gets to New Year
But now that all the rain stopped falling
All I think is getting out of here

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